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GB-190111262-A: Improvements in and connected with Buckles patent, GB-190112529-A: A New or Improved Circuit Closing Device for Speed Indicators. patent, GB-190112691-A: Improvements in Electric Cloth-cutting Machines patent, GB-190112769-A: An Improvement in Sizing Paper. patent, GB-190113639-A: Improvements in Combined Water Tube Boilers and Superheaters. patent, GB-190113914-A: Improvements in shuttle-box Motions for Looms for Weaving patent, GB-190114978-A: Improvements relating to Type-matrix or Die Composing and Line-casting Machines. patent, GB-190117282-A: Improvements in Incandescent Electric Lamps of the 'Nernst' Type patent, GB-190117386-A: Improvements in Inflated and Solid Elastic Tyres. patent, GB-190117638-A: Improvements in Cylinder Copying Apparatus. patent, GB-190118590-A: Improvements in or relating to Repeating Mechanism for Watches. patent, GB-190120468-A: Improvements in Malt Drums. patent, GB-190121407-A: Improvements relating to Taps and Vents for Casks, Water Pipes, and the like patent, GB-190122453-A: Improvements in Bats for Playing Ping-pong and like Games. patent, GB-190122751-A: Improvements in Vapour Generators and Burners patent, GB-190123837-A: An Improved Clip Chiefly Designed for Holding Garments and other Articles upon Clothes Lines patent, GB-190124929-A: An Improvement in Machines for Stirring Forced Meat and the like. patent, GB-190200608-A: Improvements in Spring Bottoms for Beds, Seats, and the like Purposes. patent, GB-190200939-A: Improvements in Motor Road Vehicles, Portable Engines and the like patent, GB-190201933-A: Improvements in and relating to Ventilating Fans patent, GB-190202762-A: Improvements in Catches and Mounts for Securing Stereotype and Electrotype Plates for Printing patent, GB-190204095-A: Improvements in Cartridge-feeding Devices for Machine Guns patent, GB-190204699-A: Improvements in Overhead Railways, Elevated Tracks, and Bridges for the Passage of Vehicles. patent, GB-190205190-A: Improvements in and relating to Electric Switches and to Combinations of the same with Wall-plugs and the like. patent, GB-190206043-A: An Improvement relating to the Method of Firing Cogging Pits and the like Coal Fired Furnaces patent, GB-190206123-A: Improvements in Capstans patent, GB-190206804-A: Improvements in Speed Indicators patent, GB-190206922-A: Improvements in Two-needle Hemstitch Sewing Machines. patent, GB-190207605-A: Improvements in Bandoliers patent, GB-190208176-A: Improved Driving Apron patent, GB-190213242-A: Improvements in Spring Attachments for Securing Small Articles to Cards and other Carriers patent, GB-190214031-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Water-marking Paper in Paper Making Machines patent, GB-190215558-A: Improvements in Slip Leashes for Dogs or the like Purposes. patent, GB-190216028-A: An Improved Brake for Two Wheeled Vehicles. patent, GB-190217706-A: Improvements in Wireless Signaling. patent, GB-190219007-A: Improvements in the Manufacture or Production of Printing Surfaces, and in their Application to Printing Purposes patent, GB-190220127-A: Improvements in Knitting Machines. patent, GB-190221916-A: Improvements in Albums, Files and the like. patent, GB-190222223-A: Improved Spittoon patent, GB-190222818-A: Improvements in Coin-freed Vending Machines. patent, GB-190223749-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Crossings for Tramways and Railways. patent, GB-190224932-A: Improvements in Safety Gears for Lifts. patent, GB-190225850-A: Manufacture of Slabs, Tiles, Sheets and other Forms of a Material similar to Marble, Ceramic Ware and the like. patent, GB-190226064-A: Improvements in Driver's Brake Valve Apparatus for Operating Air Brakes for Railway and like Vehicles both by Means of Air Pressure and Electricity. patent, GB-190226570-A: Improvements in and relating to the Treatment of Sugar Juice patent, GB-190227421-A: Improved Friction or Tension Motion for Driving Weavers Beams in Dressing Machines. patent, GB-190237-A: Method of, and apparatus for, automatically producing tungstic oxide in a dried and powdered condition patent, GB-190302239-A: Improvements relating to Electric Wiring for Lighting and other Installations. patent, GB-190302772-A: Improvements in Motor Tractors patent, GB-190303842-A: An Improved Cigar box patent, GB-190307465-A: Improvements in Plate-holders for Printing Presses patent, GB-190307562-A: Certain Improvements in Apparatus for Oxidizing Dyed Textile Material patent, GB-190311496-A: Improvements in and connected with Steam Excavators. patent, GB-190311834-A: Improvements in Repetition Mechanisms for Pianofortes. patent, GB-190312961-A: An Improved Educational Appliance. patent, GB-190314268-A: Improved Walking Cane with Enclosed Floats. patent, GB-190319761-A: Improvements in Means for Uncoupling Draught Animals from Vehicles in Motion and Simultaneously Applying Brakes to the Latter. patent, GB-190320137-A: Improvements in and relating to Electric Arc Lamps. patent, GB-190321202-A: Improvements in, and relating to, Brake Mechanism, more especially applicable to Motor Cycles. patent, GB-190321726-A: Improvements in Coal Cutting Machines. patent, GB-190322659-A: Improvements in Brakes for Cycles and like Vehicles patent, GB-190323151-A: Improved Method and Apparatus for Producing a Suitable Circulation of the Electrolyte in Electrolytic Processes. patent, GB-190324520-A: Improvements relating to Photographic Cameras patent, GB-190325787-A: Improvements in Variable Speed Transmission Gear patent, GB-190326262-A: Improvements in and relating to Furniture Handles, Knobs, Pulls, and like Fittings, patent, GB-190327250-A: Improvements in Machines for Spinning Carded Wool. patent, GB-190400948-A: Filling and Bunging Machine for Beer Barrels patent, GB-190401213-A: Improvements in Lubricating Cans, and Tanks, Cabinets and Vessels for Containing and Delivering Oil and other Liquids patent, GB-190403023-A: Improvements in Automatic Tacking Hammers patent, GB-190403840-A: Improvements in Controlling Apparatus for Electric Motors patent, GB-190404801-A: Improvements in Shirts and other Body Garments patent, GB-190405010-A: Improvements in Axle Boxes for Railways Carriages & Wagons, and similar Vehicles. patent, GB-190406705-A: An Improved Penholder. patent, GB-190406730-A: Improvements in Mechanical Recording Targets. patent, GB-190407218-A: Improvements relating to Armour Shields for Field Guns. patent, GB-190407346-A: Automatic Scene-displaying Apparatus. patent, GB-190409934-A: An Improved Leg-wrap for Motorists and Travellers. patent, GB-190411223-A: Horse for Drying Linen. patent, GB-190411759-A: Improvements in and relating to Laundry Machines. patent, GB-190414083-A: A New or Improved Construction of Collapsable Straw Board or like Box. patent, GB-190416894-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Electrically Indicating the Position of Railway Signals, Points, or other Gear. patent, GB-190417778-A: Lighting Apparatus for Hydrocarbon Vapor Lamps patent, GB-190421792-A: Improvements in Compound Vehicle Wheels. patent, GB-190422797-A: Improvements in and connected with Devices for Lighting and Extinguishing Gas Light from any Desired Point. patent, GB-190422939-A: Improvements in or relating to Knitting Machines. patent, GB-190424224-A: Improvements in Noble's Combing Machines. patent, GB-190424332-A: Improvement in Perineum and other Surgical Needles patent, GB-190425318-A: A Process of Producing Photo-mechanically Engraved Printing Rollers, and Apparatus therefor. patent, GB-190426927-A: Improvements in Bottle Closures and the like. patent, GB-190427437-A: Improvements in and relating to Arc Lamps patent, GB-190427913-A: Improvements in Telegraphy. patent, GB-190428736-A: Improvements in Condenser Systems and Discharge Pumps. patent, GB-190428980-A: Joint-arm applicable for Supporting Electric Lamps. patent, GB-190500523-A: Improvements in Electric Meters patent, GB-190501863-A: A New or Improved Method and Apparatus for Enclosing Electric Cables, Wires, and the like patent, GB-190502480-A: Improvements in Machines for Coating Chocolate Candies. patent, GB-190502850-A: Improvements in connection with Electro-static Watt and Watt-hour Meters patent, GB-190504127-A: Improvements in Automatic Electric Warning Signals for Railways and the like. patent, GB-190506611-A: Improvements in and connected with the Manufacture of White Salt from Rock-salt. patent, GB-190507083-A: Improvements in or relating to Berths Tables Chairs, Platforms and like Structures the Level or Approximate Level of which it is desired should be Maintained on Board Ship patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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